Industrial controllers control our everyday lives. Low-voltage switchgear powers us. High-speed trains get our hearts racing. We technology – and we prove it on a daily basis in everything we do. That is hl-studios – the top communications agency for B2B and the industry.

Under­standing leads to enthu­siasm

We’re as enthusiastic about your products as you are – because we understand what you do. Working with your experts, we translate facts into creative communication that appeals to the emotions.


We create experi­ences

How do you communicate, in concrete terms, the true importance of digitalization to the industry? How can you conjure a smile on the faces of users of distributed controllers? And how can you tell the world what makes a new industry software so unique? Take a look at our cases of B2B communication – from virtual reality experiences to social media campaigns and trade show models.


we live inno­vation

Is innovation just an empty buzzword? Not for a modern communications agency like us! We’re experts at what we do – and we do it with enthusiasm. There’s nothing more thrilling for us than testing the latest trends – or starting some of our own. Find out how we can support your B2B communications with the most modern tools available.

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