The competency combiners

We’re diverse – yet highly specialized. Whether it’s copy, videos or events: we’re passionate about industrial topics and we share this passion with our customers in each and every project. We bring together nerds, tinkerers, strategists, artists and makers with one goal in mind: to transform complex topics into clear and distinctive communication.

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What sets us apart from other B2B and communications agencies is


From infographics to web concepts, live streams and virtual experiences, to an app that’s simply fun: we have media specialists for everything in house. They are flanked by experts in integrated communications, who find the right strategic approach for every communications task and campaign.


Strategy and consulting
Brand management

After years of hard work, product development has come up with a great innovation, but how do you get it to the target group? What are the right messages and channels? Who equips the sales department with useful information and advertising materials? And how does it fit in with the brand? These are all questions that we can answer with our approach to integrated communications. In this way, we turn product features into the right advertising messages, find the right approach for every target group and the right strategy for every communication goal.


Text and conception

Fiber optic conductors and frequency converters – boring? Not if it’s done right! To develop powerful, exciting communications for such products, you need experts who understand them. That is why we scrutinize products, down to their last detail, in our text, conception and editing departments – and use this knowledge to tell fascinating stories. That is how we translate dry content into meaningful messages.


UX design
Sound and motion design

Whether it’s industry services via an app or digital engineering: in the world of B2B communication today, digital experiences have long since become everyday tools. So how can you make your communications unique? By creating digital experiences that are playful, informative, and intuitive to use. With the help of surprising features, our UX designers, developers, and professionals in sound and motion design stage facts – and create virtual worlds users can dive into.


Hybrid production
Graphic design

Machines in 360-degree view, plants in 3D, employee profiles: you might have seen it all before. But we’re not satisfied with that. Our photo, video, CGI, hybrid production, and graphic design experts uncover new and exciting angles, reveal unseen perspectives, and make the invisible visible. That is how we turn B2B products and services into personal, memorable visual experiences.


Trade shows and events
Virtual performance
Technical creation

After one event is before the next one. One appoinment always follows the next. So how can you make a lasting impression? Our trade show and event, virtual performance, and technical creation specialists operate like a full-service event agency. They don’t plan events as an end in themselves – instead, they tell stories. They create one-of-a-kind moments that speak to all the senses. That is how they turn B2B trade shows, conferences, web-based trainings and live streams into memorable moments.

Marketing innovations in practice?

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