Improving life at its core – Brand identity and communication


Which customer challenge have we resolved?

We supported the newly merged company CORE in developing and communicating a new brand identity.
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What was our approach?

A company merger often gives rise to many questions: Who are we? What do we stand for? How do we want to be perceived? We were given the opportunity to assist CORE in answering these questions. 

Based on the company name, logo and slogan, we created brand messages, defined the tonality and developed the corporate design. The result is a brand identity that focuses on CORE’s mission to increase quality of life with fresh indoor air. 

With measures such as a website relaunch, an image film, a brochure and a poster campaign, we made this identity accessible and tangible.

What added value have we provided?

By developing the brand identity and creating initial implementations, we laid the foundation for all future communication. This positions CORE – a manufacturer of heat and enthalpy exchangers – as a leading company for good breathing air, quality of life, energy recovery and climate protection. Additionally, its profile as an employer has also been refined. Current employees can identify better with the new brand and potential employees can be addressed more precisely.