FIGHT AND DEFEND – Immersive exhibition model


Which customer challenge have we solved?

Turning industrial cyber security into a game. And facilitating access to the topic through gamification.
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What was our approach?

In the industry, protection against cyber-attacks is a difficult challenge. Our idea: make what is difficult, easy – with a game. In the CSI game "Fight and Defend", that we developed, we had trade fair visitors fight against nasty cyber-attacks. Dangerous? Not if you have the Siemens Cyber Security Services portfolio by your side. Since the 2016 Hannover Messe, this game has always been very popular at every trade fair!
A picture of the exhibition model

What added value have we provided?

First, the most important thing at trade fairs: We created an eye-catcher that draws attention to Siemens Cyber Security from afar. And then, we used gamification to immerse visitors completely in the topic. This establishes Siemens as a thought leader in industrial cyber security, leading to trade show conversations, and later to valuable leads.