EXECUTIVE SUMMIT – Networking Event


Which customer challenge did we solve?

We created an exchange platform for top healthcare decision-makers. Live after a long absence.

What was our approach?

Not a sprint, but a marathon. Because with a project duration of one year, it's easy to lose track of everything. Speakers, setting, interactions – all had to be meticulously planned with one goal: to create an immersive, memorable experience for the guests. And to give every participant the feeling that "I belong to the community."
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What added value did we provide?

From the invitation card and stage design to the evening event and location setting, we created a complete experience for Healthineers that emotionally grabbed every attendee for lasting contacts and valuable leads.

What was the reaction of the customers?

In total, 98% of the participants rated the event as "excellent". In terms of subjective customer evaluation, this was the most successful event for Siemens Healthineers to date.