What was the challenge?

MACHINUM was an existing software portfolio for the CNC machine tool sector with a new name that nobody knew. The task from the customer: to launch this new identity to the market at the EMO 2023 trade show – and make it emotional and memorable. And all within three months.

What was the approach?

To take this deeply technical topic and put a human spin on it by tapping that primal urge we all have: to win. And make it unforgettable with a one-of-a-kind song composed just for the campaign.
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The sports metaphor made the main message clear and easy to understand for the audience: If you are struggling with flabby production processes, dispiriting downtime and poor recovery times: then MACHINUM will help boost your performance on the shopfloor.

The sports-inspired idea also lent itself to exciting executions unusual to the manufacturing B2B industry, thus creating a lot of buzz at the tradeshow.

What was the reaction to the campaign?

“Fun, energetic and relatable.”

“A great icebreaker for tradeshows and events.”

“I’ve never seen a response to a campaign like that before.”

The launch was organically the most shared campaign at the EMO 2023 trade show – with the customer reporting that she had never seen a response to a campaign like that before. 

Attendees at the tradeshow took part in impromptu dance routines to the soundtrack and requests poured in from different Siemens units wanting to use the campaign assets for themselves – all proof of that great ideas count!