Playmobil App

Adventures of Ayuma

Objective / Project Description

The app "Adventures of Ayuma" transforms the physical product world of Playmobil into a magical multimedia experience for children between the ages of 7 and 12. The game lets the user experience the world of "Ayuma", while absorbing values such as friendship, courage, and a sense of responsibility for nature.

Based on a YouTube series of the same name, the story is retold and transferred to an app in the form of quests with interactive dialogue and child-friendly mini-games. 


The game is set in a hand-drawn world with many exciting possibilities, such as a Tamagotchi feature implemented with great attention to detail, the "Fairy Wiki", and a colorful Match3 mini-game that cleverly combines all these game elements. The story, told via interactive dialogue, and lively sound design enhance the immersive experience. 

Project team

"Adventures of Ayuma" is the collaborative work of a multidisciplinary team consisting of project managers, programmers, UX designers, 3D artists, sound designers and copywriters.
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